About Dara Carrillo

Dara Carrillo, is a trained positive psychology certified coach, a true believer in limitless possibilities, a perpetual seeker of knowledge and is actively committed to living a life of wonder, gratitude and service. Do you question your ability to master new or challenging situations? Dara understands all too well the exhausting reality of self-doubt that thwarts dynamic decision making, forward action, self-confidence, and feelings of power over one’s life. Wouldn't it be incredible if you could unearth your sense of wonder and the genius in you that has been suppressed for far too long? Dara’s passion and mission is to reconnect both individuals and organizations alike to the strength of messaging that emanates from the unique combination of experiences, strengths, values, and knowledge that are unequivocally a distinct personal brand.

Dara transcended her fear of happiness amidst her everlasting quest for self-mastery. Central to this realization was the discovery and employment of her core values and top strengths that became the driving force for her to lead more confidently and to pursue her dreams. Dara’s superpower is a fusion of expanding awareness beyond what is presently known; thinking of innovative ways to conquer challenges; and deconstructing information to produce strategic and cohesive plans that move her clients toward the attainment of their goals. Her benevolent, charismatic and inquisitive persona gives rise to thought provoking, solution-oriented and resourceful coach-client environments, transforming the possible into the viable.

Dara’s original concept of Muse Stream emerged when she recognized that she was not alone in her struggle to internalize and communicate her value. Mending her fragmented experience of self through the identification and internalization of her strengths and values, revealed her passion to coach others toward elevated self-efficacy and self-value. With this new realization, 2013 developed into her breakthrough year when Dara became the only coach, amongst more than 40 coaches, to specialize in personal brand development at The University of Texas-Austin MBA+Leadership Program, ultimately to be recognized as Most Highly Rated coach in 2015. She holds a B.A. in Organizational Communications from St. Edward’s University, and a Master Positive Psychology Coach Certification from School of Coaching Mastery.  Dara co-designed a curriculum that has benefited over 1,500+ individuals at the local, national and international levels.

Dara was born and reared in south Texas and now lives in Austin, Texas with her fiancé, where you might find them playing tennis, disc golf or hiking in one of the many beautiful parks around Austin. Dara is committed to volunteerism and continues to accept opportunities that allow her to develop her community leadership skills while working side-by-side with a diverse list of non-profit organizations in Austin, Texas. She is an avid reader and only wishes there were more hours in the day to get through her relentless list of new reads. Dara’s extensive background in communications and her love for creativity and personal development are now utilized daily to the benefit of her clients.